BBMF Chipmunks

BBMF Chipmunks’ 65th birthdays

Sixty-five years ago this month, in January 1952, DH Chipmunk T10s WG486 and WK518 were delivered, brand new, to the Royal Air Force. Just two of the 735 Chipmunks built for military use, these are now the last and only ‘Chippies’ still in RAF service and, far from being ‘pensioned off’, they are still an important and active part of the BBMF historic aircraft fleet.

BBMF ballot prizes October to December 2016

Ballot prize winners - October to December 2016

All members of the RAF Memorial Flight Official Club are automatically entered into the Club’s monthly prize ballots. Members have won some fabulous and in some cases truly unique prizes in the last few months. The full list of the prizes and the lucky winners for October to December 2016 is below.


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