The new BBMF toolstore, funded by Club membership fees.

The Club funds the BBMF’s new tool store

It may not be the most beautiful or photogenic of structures but the new SSI SCHAEFER mezzanine storage facility, built to the BBMF’s own specifications inside its hangar at RAF Coningsby, will make a major difference to the Flight. Most importantly, it has been funded entirely by the RAF Memorial Flight Official Club.

Changes to the regulations governing engineering within the RAF now require centralized control of tools within the hangar, a requirement that up until now the BBMF has not been able to meet. The new secure storage facility will allow the BBMF to be compliant with the regulations with an ideal, centralized tool store. The structure also has a mezzanine first-floor level, which will be used as the Flight’s locker and changing room area, freeing up 2 rooms previously used for that purpose to become offices in the rather crowded space of the BBMF HQ building.

Despite the requirement for the centralised tool store, no Ministry of Defence funding was available to provide one, so this is where the RAF Memorial Flight Club came to the fore to fund the £30,000 cost of the manufacture and construction of the new mezzanine facility.

New BBMF toolstore at RAF Coningsby
The new tool store – funded entirely by the RAF Memorial Flight Club – under construction in the BBMF hangar at RAF Coningsby during March 2016.

The BBMF is extremely grateful for this direct financial support provided by the Club for its operations. Club members can feel proud of the part they are playing in actively supporting the Flight in such a practical way. OC BBMF, Squadron Leader Andy ‘Milli’ Millikin, says: “This tool store is proof indeed of the excellent support provided to the Flight by the Club members. It will allow us better tool storage and control, which is a vital part of safe engineering. Thanks to all of you who have supported the Flight by being a member of the Club!”

There will be other Club-funded projects in the future and we will be sure to keep members informed of how the money raised by Club membership is used to directly support the Flight.

The mezzanine level of the BBMF's new toolstore
The new tool store's mezzanine – funded entirely by the RAF Memorial Flight Club – under construction in the BBMF hangar at RAF Coningsby during March 2016.

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