D-Day 75 event on Southsea Common, Portsmouth

D-Day 75

Header image: The UK national commemorative D-Day 75 event took place on Southsea Common, Portsmouth, on 5th June, with VIPs, servicemen and women, and some 300 D-Day veterans present. (All photos: Crown Copyright unless otherwise stated)

It cannot have escaped the attention of readers that 6th June was the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the day in 1944 when an Allied invasion force of 156,000 troops landed in Normandy. The invasion was supported by more than 7,000 ships and smaller vessels, and 11,000 aircraft. The total number of British, Commonwealth and Allied casualties (killed, wounded or missing) on D-Day was over 4,400. The invasion was one of the greatest military feats of all time; it established a crucial second front, which ultimately led to victory for the Allied Forces in 1945 and the liberation of Europe from Nazi occupation.

Andy Milli Millikin

MBE for ‘Milli’

Header image: Former Officer Commanding BBMF, Sqn Ldr Andy ‘Milli’ Millikin, is now an MBE. (Photo: RAF Coningsby Photo Section Crown Copyright)

We are delighted to record that former Officer Commanding the BBMF, Squadron Leader Andy ‘Milli’ Millikin, has become an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List published on 8th June.

BBMF Lancaster PA474 flies over the recovery site of Lancaster R5682

BBMF Lancaster back in the air

Header: BBMF Lancaster B1 PA474 airborne on its post-winter-maintenance air test on 6th June. (Photo: Tim Holderness)

The BBMF Lancaster PA474 took to the skies again for the first time this year, on Thursday 6th June, for its post-winter-maintenance air test.

The big bomber’s return to the skies had been somewhat delayed by a number of engineering issues, reported in detail to Official Club members in previous newsletters. However, all of those issues have been resolved and the BBMF is delighted to have its pride and joy back where it belongs, in the air.


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