BBMF Douglas C-47 Dakota ZA947

BBMF Dakota in special flypast over Sheffield

Header image: BBMF Douglas C-47 Dakota ZA947 was part of the special flypast over Sheffield on 22nd February. (Photo: RAF Coningsby Photo Section Crown Copyright) 

On Friday 22nd February BBMF C-47 Dakota ZA947 was involved in a special, high-profile flypast over Sheffield, broadcast live on BBC Breakfast TV.

The flypast by 10 military aircraft, which also included two Eurofighter Typhoons from RAF Coningsby, a USAF MC-130 Hercules with a Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, a KC-135 ‘tanker’ and four USAFE F-15E fighter jets, was mounted to commemorate the crew of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, all 10 of whom died when their aircraft crashed at Endcliffe Park, Sheffield, 75 years ago to the day.  

BBMF Hurricane Mk II LF363

BBMF Hurricane Mk II LF363’s colours for 2019

Header image: BBMF Hurricane Mk II LF363 with wasp nose art. (Photo: Claire Hartley) 

Many readers will know that for the 2017 and 2018 display seasons BBMF Hurricane Mk II LF363 wore temporary code letters, applied with special, easily-removable paint partially covering the existing markings, to commemorate two surviving members of ‘The Few’. The port side code letters were ‘GN-F’, those of Tom Neil’s 249 Squadron aircraft during the Battle of Britain. Sadly, Wing Commander Tom Neil DFC and Bar AFC AE LdH passed away on 11th July 2018, three days before his 98th birthday. The ‘SD-A’ code letters on the starboard side of LF363 were those of one of the 501 Squadron Hurricanes flown by Wing Commander Paul Farnes DFM during the Battle; Paul was 100 years old in July 2018.

Spitfire P7350 cufflinks

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