80 years ago – Bomber Command hits back

Header image: A Vickers Wellington crew boarding their aircraft for an operation.

Eighty years ago, in February 1941, Britain was suffering from constant bombing by German aircraft, night after night, during the ‘Blitz’, which had begun during the latter stages of the Battle of Britain in 1940 and continued until May 1941. Whilst the Germans bombers rained death and destruction on Britain, RAF Bomber Command retaliated and hit back at targets in Germany and occupied Europe with increasing ferocity.

BBMF Dakota returns home

Header image: BBMF C-47 Dakota ZA947 on the approach to land at Coningsby. (Photo: Claire Hartley)

As reported in Club members newsletters, BBMF C-47 Dakota ZA947 was at Duxford with the Aircraft Restoration Company from 21st September 2020 for repairs to a number of wing rib cracks. In addition to the work on the wings, a ‘frayed’ port undercarriage cable was also replaced whilst the aircraft was at Duxford.


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