Where to meet the Club in August 2023

Header Image: The RAF Memorial Flight Official Club will be at the Eastbourne and Bournemouth air shows this month. (Photo: BBMF)

The RAF Memorial Flight Official Club will have a stand alongside the BBMF PR Team in the Military Exhibition Zone at the Eastbourne Airbourne International Air Show from 17th to 20th August, and also at the Bournemouth Air Festival from 31st August to 3rd September, in the Royal Air Force Village on the East Overcliff

The Peenemunde Raid – 80 years ago this month

Header Image: A V-2 rocket, guided ballistic missile, being launched from the Peenemunde rocket research and development centre in 1943. The site was the target for a major Bomber Command raid on 17-18th August 1943.

Eighty years ago, on the night of 17-18th August 1943, three waves of RAF Bomber Command aircraft, totalling 596 bombers, took off from their bases in England to attack the important German scientific research centre and rocket development site at Peenemunde on the Baltic coast of Germany. The raid, codenamed Operation Hydra, was to be of great significance and was very costly to Bomber Command, especially to the aircraft and crews of the third wave.


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