The Historical Technical Information Centre at Peenemunde

Peenemunde – Bomber Command veteran returns

Header image: The Historical Technical Information Centre at Peenemunde, as it is today, on the site of the Nazi ‘V’ weapon, rocket research and testing centre. This was the target for a major Bomber Command raid in August 1943.

During 1943 intelligence data and photo-reconnaissance images gathered by the British about the secret research and development work being conducted by the Germans at Peenemunde on the Baltic coast, including development of the V1 ‘doodlebug’ flying bomb, the V2 long-range guided ballistic missile and rocket powered fighters, made the site a priority target for RAF Bomber Command. Because Peenemunde was some 600 miles from the most easterly British airfield, the earliest date when there would be sufficient cover of darkness was mid-August. The raid also needed to be carried out in bright moonlight to improve accuracy and increase the chances of success. The night of 17-18th August was set as the date for the raid on Peenemunde.

RAF 100: The Official Story by James Holland

Win a signed copy of RAF 100: The Official Story

This month, we’re giving away two signed copies of a newly published book, RAF 100: The Official Story by James Holland. Two lucky Club members will win a copy of the hardback book, which would usually cost £25.00.

How to enter the ballot

All current members of the RAF Memorial Flight Club have been automatically entered into this month’s ballot. If you’re not already a member, please join the Club by 2nd September 2018. 

Hawker Typhoon Mk 1B MN235 in the BBMF hangar

Hawker Typhoon in the BBMF hangar

Header image: Hawker Typhoon Mk 1B MN235 in the BBMF hangar, photographed from the vantage point of the Lancaster cockpit. (All colour photos: Clive Rowley) 

The world’s sole surviving complete Hawker Typhoon is making a guest appearance in the BBMF hangar at RAF Coningsby for the next two months in a joint project between the Royal Air Force, the RAF Museum and BAE Systems. 


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