Sqn Ldr Andy ‘Milli’ Millikin hands over command of the BBMF to Sqn Ldr Mark ‘Disco’ Discombe AFC

Change of command at the BBMF

Header image: Sqn Ldr Andy ‘Milli’ Millikin (left) hands over command of the BBMF to Sqn Ldr Mark ‘Disco’ Discombe AFC (right).

Members of the RAF Memorial Flight Official Club will have seen in the recently published Autumn Journal the Farewell Message from the outgoing Officer Commanding (OC) BBMF and the introduction to the new OC BBMF with his message.

The handover of command of the BBMF is now complete and the new OC is Squadron Leader Mark ‘Disco’ Discombe AFC, who has already served with the Flight as a volunteer fighter pilot for four years to gain the necessary experience. He will be in command for the next three years.

Lancasters in the bomber stream with enemy searchlights

Bomber Command Battle of Berlin

Header image: Lancasters in the bomber stream with enemy searchlights seeking them out.

Seventy-five years ago this month, in November 1943, Royal Air Force Bomber Command, under Air Chief Marshal Arthur 'Bomber' Harris, launched the second phase of an airborne bombing campaign against the German capital city that lasted to March 1944 and became known as the Battle of Berlin. Harris believed that the aerial assault on Berlin – if it came anywhere close to Hamburg’s terrifying destruction in July 1943 – could break German resistance and bring an early end to the war. “It will cost us between 400 and 500 aircraft”, he said. “It will cost Germany the war”. During the campaign period, attacks were not solely limited to Berlin, which endured 16 massive raids; other German cities were bombed too, to prevent the enemy concentrating its forces in defence of Berlin.

Petwood Hotel - win a dinner for two

Win dinner for two at the Petwood (worth £75)

This month, you could win a three-course dinner at the Petwood Hotel in Lincolnshire, which was the home of the RAF 617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron during the Second World War.

The Petwood is very close to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Visitor Centre, so you could even combine the prize with a visit to see the BBMF’s aircraft. 

Don’t forget that if you are a member of the RAF Memorial Flight Club, you can claim a free tour of the aircraft hangar whenever you visit by showing your membership card. Please make sure you check the opening times on the BBMF Visitor Centre’s website before visiting.

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