Award of Honour to the BBMF

Header image: The commemorative coin which accompanied the certificate from The Honourable Company of Air Pilots for the Award of Honour to the BBMF (Photo: BBMF)

The BBMF is extremely proud to be the 2023 recipient of The Award of Honour from The Honourable Company of Air Pilots (otherwise known as “The Air Pilots”) for “an outstanding and enduring contribution to aviation, not least operating as a living memorial to aviators killed in the service of the nation”. OC BBMF, Squadron Leader Mark Sugden, was invited to The Air Pilot’s Trophies and Awards Banquet at the Guildhall in the City of London on Thursday 26th October, along with two of the BBMF groundcrew engineer NCOs and two members of the BBMF admin staff, to receive the award on behalf of the BBMF.


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